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Chemical Storage Facilities
Chemical Storage Facilities
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Borden & Remington maintains many storage tanks within their Fall River, MA, facility. All of these tanks are inspected and are in code with Massachusetts Regulation 502 CMR 5.00. These tanks are used to store a variety of liquid products which include sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, ferric chloride solution, ammonium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite and other products. We also have storage tank space available for either long term or short term rental. Most of our tanks are glass lined steel vessels that are suitable for many applications. These tanks enable Borden & Remington to bring in products by ship, rail, or truck and store the material prior to shipment. Shipment of products from storage tanks to customer's facilities can be made via ship, rail, tank, drum, or tote quantities.

Storage of dry products can also be provided by use of the extensive storage space within the facility. By use of our deep water dock, we can receive dry product from overseas suppliers via ship, store material in dry storage, and transport the product throughout the United States. We can also receive dry product via rail or truck and distribute this material in smaller quantities throughout the region. Borden & Remington's storage procedures are maintained in accordance with the ISO9000 Quality Standard.

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